Thrive Psychology exists to EMPOWER you to overcome life’s toughest challenges, LIVE FULLY and THRIVE.




  • Anxiety

  • Trauma Recovery

  • Grief & Loss

  • Relationship Struggles

  • infertility

  • Sexual Trauma/Abuse

  • difficult pregnancy

  • postpartum depression

  • divorce & New Start

  • Sleep Issues

  • Chronic Pain

  • Finding Passion & Purpose

  • Negative Body Image

  • career challenges

  • life & career balance


Thrive is a psychology practice catering to the needs of modern life. We offer a variety of convenient therapy services to fit your lifestyle and schedule. From traditional therapy sessions at our Santa Monica office, to video sessions, beach therapy to in-home visits for new moms.

We offer convenient online scheduling & payment options & even automatically submit your “super bill” electronically to your insurance for fast reimbursement.

Our Specialties: Centered Around Your Needs

Motherhood changes your relationship with the world and with yourself. Stages in this amazing journey can stir up old wounds, self-doubt, identity challenges, relationship struggles & self-criticism. It is an amazing opportunity for growth, healing, self-exploration. We support you through every stage. From infertility, pregnancy, postpartum all the way to transition to new life chapters.

Everyone experiences traumatic events at some point in life. Dealing with trauma is the key to keeping them from impacting your daily life. Dr. Charlynn Ruan explains what trauma is, how it impacts us and how to find healing.

Our Goal: A Fully Authentic, Fully Alive...YOU

YOU have unique gifts and a purpose. Don't let unresolved wounds, insecurities, hidden struggles, false beliefs, and unresolved traumatic experiences keep you from flourishing.

Inner burdens are like giants rocks in a backpack you carry everyday. When this backpack is heavy, life becomes a trudge and you spend your days avoiding risk, failure, and pain rather than loving, creating, and growing. Therapy helps remove the rocks that weigh you down and gives you the freedom to be yourself, resulting in a meaningful & joyful life.

Thrive Psychology is here to help develop the skills and mindset you need to live beyond daily circumstances so you can LIVE FULLY. Fully aware, fully resilient, fully mindful, fully peaceful & fully self-compassionate.

Pursuing healing is an act of courage and strength. It is a choice to unpack those rocks and decide that mere survival is not enough. The human mind is an amazing thing. Choose to THRIVE!

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